Promote Your Release…Tap into our global Digital Marketing and PR services

Gain exposure and raise your profile with our PR and digital marketing services. Our passionate and dedicated team of experts have over two decades of experience between them. Married2Music PR can reach carefully selected radio, online, print, playlist and industry contacts so you can be sure your music is getting to the right people. Our digital marketing team are across the latest trends on multiple platforms and can connect you directly to your most loyal fans. With campaigns available for any type of release or tour our services can help you expand your audience and increase your reach. We do way more than just hitting the ‘boost’ button. Every campaign uses strategic implementation and advanced audience building expertise. We’re on top of the latest trends to reach your fans, so you can focus on your music.

Married2Music PR Services


  • Your release (single / mixtape / EP) pitched to journalists / editors / reviewers / bloggers for news posts, features, interviews & articles on blogs, digital magazines & websites
  • A Married2Music PR publicist assigned to represent you and your project throughout the campaign
  • Professional press release created for your project


  • Full servicing to relevant specialist radio shows and DJs Full servicing to club, tastemaker and specialist DJs


  • Full face to face / email / telephone plugging to relevant national radio shows and stations
  • Continued plugging to heads of music and playlist teams at national stations for potential play listing, interviews & live sessions
  • Artist / track pitched directly to our DJ, producer & programmer contacts (heads of music, playlist teams etc)

Married2Music Digital Marketing Services


  • You release pitched directly to genuine playlist curators, taste makers and influencers.
  • Reports detailing review & feedback


  • You’ll receive custom promotional images produced by our graphic designers to help promote your release.
  • Our social media team will provide a social media strategies to implement.
  • We’ll promote your release across social media shout out and influencer platforms, targeting key social media users and groups to get the best social media results and reach for your campaign.


  • We’ll create custom promo videos for your release & run a carefully-targeted advertising campaign on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook helping you to reach new listeners and build a bigger following of genuine fans.


Promote your video to a targeted audience on YouTube

  • Drive video views and find like-minded audiences with our expert targeting methods
  • Expand your visual presence on YouTube and increase brand awareness
  • Stay up to date with your campaign performance with regular updates. Receive an end of campaign results report while benefiting from ongoing support.


Promote your single, album or playlist directly on Spotify with audio and/or video ads. This campaign works best with content less than a month from release

  • Record and promote an audio message to air on Spotify’s free tier in between songs or use a promo video to drive impressions
  • Target fans directly on the platform where they consume their music and take advantage of granular targeting options
  • Stay up to date with your campaign performance with regular updates. Receive an end of campaign results report while benefiting from ongoing support.
  • Enjoy increased brand awareness for your project.